The cities and project team have been reviewing the 60% design plan package submitted by Epcor Foothills Water Partners (EFWP), including detailed designs and cost estimates for the project.

An in-depth study session and update on the project to Lake Oswego City Council is scheduled to occur as a special meeting on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 4 p.m. Here is a link to the council report and agenda. You can view this meeting livestreamed on the City’s YouTube channel.

In November, the cities and project team plan to hold an online interactive open house featuring a videos, renderings, diagrams, and frequently asked questions about the new wastewater treatment facility. More details will be announced shortly.

On November 15, Lake Oswego City Council will be asked to consider all the information on the project in preparation for a decision on whether to proceed with the project at the December 6 Council Meeting. This will be the final “go/no-go” decision on whether the Council and cities will decide to move forward with the project and enter a project agreement with EFWP for the next stage.

For more information on the delivery process and expected timeline, please review the FAQs on the project website.